Intonations’ Themed Issue: Call for Papers


Regular Submissions:

In addition to the themed submissions, we accept regular submissions that address any aspect of fine arts history, theory, or praxis, as well as reviews of books, exhibitions, or performances. Experimental, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative research in various areas of music, voice, poetry, dance, theatre, performance studies, and visual/sonic arts are also welcome. In addition to traditional research papers, we are also interested in submissions engaging with other forms such as multimedia projects with a substantial written component, and/or research-creation projects. Authors, critics, designers, artists, composers, and performers are encouraged to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of Intonations to publish creative and scholarly works. Intonations solicits submissions from graduate students, early-career scholars, and independent researchers, with an aim to encourage international dialogue and cooperation.

The Intonations journal publishes on a rolling basis and accepts submissions at any time. The most recent issue of the journal is open to access here. For the submission guideline and media requirements, please visit Intonations Submission page. If you have any questions, please email us at


Nasim Ahmadian (Music), John Mũkonzi Mũsyoki (Drama), Han Li (Art & Design)