• CALL FOR INTERVIEWS (CFI): A Formal Submission Invitation From Intonations


    We, the co-editors in chief of Intonations, recognize the importance of dialogue as a research avenue. We are particularly drawn to interviews in that they harness the various ways of adapting new perspectives, contributing to a growing awareness of cultural transformation, and attempting to forge new pathways towards systemic change in different artistic avenues. With that in mind, we would like to welcome interested parties to submit interviews with performers, creators, practitioners, thinkers, intellectuals, pedagogues and artistic leaders.

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  • Intonations’ Themed Issue: Call for Papers


    Alterations: Art, Performance, and Creation at a Time of Global Pandemic

    As we enter the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite submissions reflecting on our collective and individual experiences. We seek research, explorations, and reflections addressing topics regarding the continuous impact of the pandemic on art practitioners, educators, and researchers in all avenues of creation and artistic projects.

    The global pandemic’s changes and adjustments have significantly affected the rhythms and modes in which we create, practice, teach, learn, and connect through art. Has browsing an exhibition or watching a live performance online created new understanding and/or perspective(s)? How are we continually adjusting to the virtual infrastructure and the reconfigurations of time, space, and artistic collaborations during the pandemic? How might this collective experience reverberate in our future interactions, or alter the conduct, organization, participation, or appreciation of various artistic, scholarly, and creative activities? And finally, how do we, as scholars and artists, shape or reshape our methodologies and reflections upon our own works, disciplines, resources, areas of focus, and collaborations? 

    In this special issue, we invite you to share your intellectual, critical, and creative perspectives. Possible perspectives may include, but are not limited to:

    • Negotiation and (re)presentations of social contact and contract (virtuality and physicality)
    • Politics and governance of conduct (institutional limit, regulations/policies, and modes of transmission)
    • Creation and avenues of performance (art, performance, new collaboratives, conceptualization)
    • Forms of presentations (text, demonstration, archives, exhibitions, etc.)
    • Art and affect (trauma, self, isolation, massive death, community, loss) 
    • (Re)imaginations and (re)configurations of the social fabric (new communities, social/political resistance, communication)
    • Agency and representation (access, new relations and identities: artist to artist, artist to audience, artists to institutions)
    • Shifts in time and space (new limits and new potentials, new definitions, new impacts, comparative analysis)
    • Art education (new mediums and approaches, academic and non-academic, local and global)
    • Adaptive and innovative research approaches (new forms, genres, mediums, procedures, perspectives, critical approaches)
    • Art economies and practicalities of dissemination (financial, institutional, autonomy, sustainability)

    The deadline for the themed issue's submission is September 6, 2021 at 11:59 pm (MDT)


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  • Intonations Call for Papers


    We are pleased to announce the new Call for Papers of Intonations Journal. This is our first CFP since the new running of the Journal as a collaboration between the Departments of Music, Art and Design, and Drama at the University of Alberta.

    The objective of the journal is to promote multidisciplinary collaboration and to encourage dialogue between different modes of scholarly, artistic, disciplinary and professional engagement with a particular focus on the intersections of theory and artistic practice in various domains of the fine arts, humanities, and sciences. Our goal is to promote the work of current scholars and practitioners by generating dialogue, mutual understanding, and innovation, both locally and internationally.

    Intonations is interested in submissions that address any aspect of fine arts history, theory, or praxis. Experimental, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative work and research in the areas of popular and electronic music, voice, poetry, dance, theatre, performance studies and visual/sonic arts are welcome. We encourage submissions engaging with other forms: traditional research papers, multimedia projects with a substantial written component, and/or research-creation projects. We will also consider book and exhibition/performance reviews. Authors, critics, designers, artists, composers, and performers are encouraged to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of Intonations to publish creative and scholarly works. We encourage submissions from graduate students, early career scholars, and independent researchers, with an aim to encourage international dialogue and cooperation.   

    We publish on a rolling basis and accept submissions at any time.

    To see formatting and media requirements, and to make a submission to Intonations, please visit

    If you have any questions or comments, please email us at


    Brandi Goddard (Art and Design), Thea Patterson (Drama and Performance Studies), Nasim Ahmadian (Music)

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  • Intonations 2019 Call For Papers!


    The University of Alberta’s new graduate student music journal, Intonations, has launched and is making its first general call for papers! The journal strives for an interdisciplinary focus within the various domains of music study as well as across other academic fields in the arts, humanities, and sciences. We welcome papers covering all aspects of music including, but not limited to:

    Music Theory
    Philosophy and Aesthetics of Music
    Music Technology
    Music Pedagogy
    Popular Music Studies
    Music Cognition
    Interdisciplinary Studies
    Sound Art
    Video Games
    Visual Art

    Abstracts and Final Papers should be submitted to:

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