CALL FOR INTERVIEWS (CFI): A Formal Submission Invitation From Intonations


This initiative is of special interest to us at Intonations since we are a journal comprising three departments with the goal of nurturing interdisciplinary dialogue between departments. The role of interviews in facilitating interdisciplinarity is thus in alignment with the mandate of the journal. For that reason, we invite interviewers to explore different artistic practices such as performance art, poetry, theatre, music, fine arts, and design; interrogating both where we are as a society and how we continue to collectively invest in furthering the conversation on agency, representation, decolonization, and access towards the realization of socio-cultural change.

Submission Guidelines

  • When submitting interviews in audio or video format, ensure it is no more than 60 minutes in length. Note: Interviews should be submitted in audio or video format if they are meant to be published as such. The intonations editors will not transcribe any interviews themselves.
  • Interviews should not be previously published nor under another publisher’s consideration at the time of submission.
  • Include an abstract of between 150 and 250 words for text-based submissions. Alternative format submissions should include a longer abstract of 500-750 words. Include 5-10 descriptive keywords.
  • In the transcription of the interviews, the names of the interviewer and interviewee should be written in initials in a manner that distinguishes them. This will allow the transcripts to undergo the peer review process.
  • When appropriate and/or necessary, include a bibliography that is either embedded within the submission document or uploaded as a supplemental .doc file.
  • Embed and number all graphics, images, and examples in the submission file.
  • Follow guidelines for inclusive, non-sexist language. Please refer to the following links for guidelines:  
  • Submissions accepted for publication should employ the author-date system demonstrated in The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th edition; however, any reference style is acceptable for the initial submission, as long as the author demonstrates consistency throughout.
  • Please ensure that transcribed interview submissions are double-spaced, use a Times New Roman 12-point font, employ italics rather than underlining (except with URL addresses), and are in a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. The file handle should read: “Title.docx”. If special formatting is an imperative part of your submission please indicate this as part of your abstract. For alternate submissions, the file size should not exceed 2 GB and should include a separate bibliography.
  • Authors will be asked to obtain permissions for the use of copyrighted materials as well as permissions for other materials where appropriate.
  • Authors must ensure that their interviews adhere with and have been approved by their respective ethics review board if the submitted interview is part of a larger research project being conducted at a post-secondary institution. If the interview is to stand alone, ethics approval is not necessary and only has to ensure the interviewee consents to the publication and dissemination.
  • To ensure a blind review process all identifying information, including the name of the author(s) and institutional affiliations, must be removed from the abstract, the submission, and supplementary material(s). For alternate format submissions this might require the redaction of certain content. Refrain from the use of personal pronouns or self-identifying language when citing works that the author has previously written. Further details are provided in the OJS submission process.
  • Intonations recommends the following file formats: 
    • Images: .JPG, .TIF, .PDF, and .PNG
    • Audio: .MP3, .AAC, .WAV, and .AIFF
    • Video: .MP4, .MOV, .MPG, and .AVI
    • Code and/or alternative multimedia file formats: Identify format and describe.
  • The deadline for the CFI submission is May 15, 2022, 11:59 pm, MDT.
Regular Submissions:

Intonations: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Arts publishes on a rolling basis and is interested in all submissions that address issues relating to any aspect of arts and culture globally. We are especially interested in using our digital platform to publish non-text based and alternative or hybrid forms of scholarship. In addition to the themed submissions, we accept regular submissions that address any aspect of fine arts history, theory, or praxis, as well as reviews of books, exhibitions, or performances. Experimental, cross-disciplinary, and collaborative research in various areas of music, voice, poetry, dance, theatre, performance studies, and visual/sonic arts are also welcome. Furthermore, we are not only interested in traditional research papers, but also submissions engaging with other forms such as multimedia projects with a substantial written component and/or research-creation projects. Authors, critics, designers, artists, composers, and performers are encouraged to take advantage of the multimedia capabilities of Intonations in order to publish creative and scholarly works. With the intention of encouraging international dialogue and cooperation, Intonations solicits submissions from graduate students, early career scholars, and institutionally-based and independent researchers.


The journal’s most recent issue may be accessed here. For the submission guidelines and media requirements, please visit IntonationsSubmission page. If you have any questions, please email us at