Themed Issue Announcement "Alterations: Art, Performance, and Creation Amidst a Global Pandemic"


We are excited to announce our latest themed issue, “Alterations: Art, Performance, and Creation at a
Time of Global Pandemic.” This marks another milestone in our ongoing endeavor to showcase
innovative and interdisciplinary research. Intonations aims to be an effective sounding board for emerging
and early career researchers in the Fine Arts, including but not limited to scholars of the history, theory,
and creative practice of the visual, musical, and performance arts, and the intersections of these with other
fields.  Please access the issue here.


Kaleb Koslowski (PhD student, Music)
Abigail Ameley Quaye (PhD student, Performance Studies)
Ludmila Lima De Morais (MFA student, Art & Design)
Editors-in-Chief, Intonations
University of Alberta