General Call for Submissions


General Call for Submissions:

Intonations welcomes submissions from across arts’ disciplines at any time. Whether you’re
exploring uncharted territory in arts research, examining the boundaries of performance, or reimagining
the creative process, we welcome your unique perspectives.
If you have research that challenges conventions, sparks dialogue, and pushes the boundaries of your field,
we encourage you to submit your work to Intonations. Please access our submissions page to do so.
Submission guidelines and instructions can be found on our website. We eagerly await your contributions,
and look forward to engaging with your work.
For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to contact us at


Kaleb Koslowski (PhD student, Music)
Abigail Ameley Quaye (PhD student, Performance Studies)
Ludmila Lima De Morais (MFA student, Art & Design)

Editors-in-Chief, Intonations
University of Alberta