Special Issue of Intonations - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - “Emotional Wreckage in an Age of Advanced Technologies”


Special Issue of Intonations

“Emotional Wreckage in an Age of Advanced Technologies”

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the intersection of art, music, performance, and
technology has given rise to new forms of creative expression and emotional experiences. This special issue
seeks to explore the theme of “Emotional Wreckage in an Age of Advanced Technologies” through an
interdisciplinary lens, examining the impact of technology on emotions, ethics, and artistic practices.

Technology | Emotion | Ethics

● What counts as advanced technology? How has this label changed and shifted in relation to new
innovations (e.g., artificial intelligence, chatbots, algorithms, smartphones)?
● To what extent does advanced technology reshape our understanding of agency, whether as creators
and consumers of art?
● What might it mean to be emotionally wrecked in an age dominated by technological potential and
● Might technology help to bridge the gap between art and accessibility? Or does it exacerbate existing
inequalities in emotional engagement and participation?
● How might we navigate the potential wreckage wrought by advanced technologies while remaining
attentive to the emotional and ethical dimensions of our work as artists and researchers?
● Where are the boundaries between what is our work and what is not? Where is the line between the
Human and the Technological, if indeed such a line exists?
● Advanced technology is—so far—never active on its own. What kind of ethics might we expect from
those who control it, with specific regard to artistic production and research?
● What kind of new ethics might humanities scholars adopt in order to address the challenges and
issues posed by advanced technology?

Intonations welcomes submissions engaging with any of the above questions from a variety of disciplinary
perspectives including but not limited to art history, music studies, media studies, philosophy and cultural
studies. Submissions should be between 6,000 and 8,000 words and adhere to the journal’s formatting
guidelines. Further directions for submitting to the journal can be found on the Intonations website. The
editors anticipate receiving all submissions for the issue by September 1, 2024. Submissions will be
evaluated in an anonymous peer-review process and published on a rolling basis, with the full issue
anticipated to be made available online by January 2025.

Please send questions and inquiries to the editors in chief at intonats@ualberta.ca

Ludmila Lima de Morais (Art & Design)
Abigail (Ameley) Quaye (Drama & Performance)
Kaleb Koslowski (Music)