Live-streamed performance & intercultural education

Creative solutions to online world music pedagogy in the COVID-19 pandemic


  • Dr. Felicia K. Youngblood Western Washington University
  • Dr. Ramin Yazdanpanah Full Circle Language Learning
  • David Cobb Palm Beach State College
  • Dr. Silviu Ciulei University of Florida



World Music, Pedagogy, COVID-19, Intercultural Education, Online Teaching, Collaboration, Coronavirus, Cultural Studies


This article provides creative solutions for online world music pedagogy that were developed in response to the widespread need for digital education during the Covid-19 pandemic. Innovations in the synchronous presentation of online music courses and performances influenced the authors to collaborate on ways to create space for interaction between students and musicians who share their music and experiences as cultural experts. This approach led to the development of the World Music Guest Artist Series, which allows for experiential learning and intercultural exchange through live-streamed performances and interviews with musicians in various global genres and locations. In mapping out the process, experiences, and benefits of our partnership for educators, students, and musicians, we ultimately intend to showcase our model to higher music educators that endeavor to foster experiential learning and intercultural dialogue in their classrooms through collaboration with cultural mediators, whether in a virtual or in-person learning environment.

Author Biographies

Dr. Felicia K. Youngblood, Western Washington University

Felicia K. Youngblood is an Assistant Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology at Western Washington University, where she serves as the instructor for Survey of World Music Cultures and other courses on music, culture, and history. Youngblood earned her doctorate in Musicology from Florida State University in 2019, where she was a member of the Fellows Society, a Krebs Scholar, the founder of the Society for Musicology’s Pedagogy Committee, and a graduate assistant with the Program for Instructional Excellence. Her primary research investigates connections between cultural heritage, gender, and healing in the southern Italian tarantism ritual, for which she was granted a WWU Faculty Summer Research Grant in 2021. Youngblood’s pedagogy centers student engagement and dialogue, cultural acceptance, deep listening, and creative approaches to experiential learning.

Dr. Ramin Yazdanpanah, Full Circle Language Learning

Ramin Yazdanpanah works as the Director of Full Circle Language Learning. He holds a doctorate from Florida State University for his research on developing intercultural competence within English language teacher programs through focused intercultural exchanges. He has over twenty years of experience as an English language teacher, and over a decade of experience as a teacher educator. He recently completed a Fellowship with the U.S. State Department in Vietnam, where he taught and developed courses and curriculum at Thai Nguyen University and facilitated workshops throughout the country. He continues to serve as a consultant to the U.S. State Department’s English Language Programs, as well with the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University, and the TESOL International Association. Yazdanpanah specializes in integrating music performance and workshops individually, as well as collectively with the Maharajah Flamenco Trio, focusing on the intersections of culture, language, and music.

David Cobb, Palm Beach State College

David Cobb is an Adjunct Instructor at Palm Beach State College, where he teaches Music Appreciation, engaging majors and non-majors with the humanities through music. He has an MM in Musicology from Florida State University and wrote his thesis on ecstatic performance experience in flamenco. Cobb is an active composer, studio musician, and arranger, and Chief Editor of Oeditus Rex Editing Service. Cobb serves as the bassist for Maharajah Flamenco Trio, utilizing his ethnomusicological training to illuminate the cultural intricacies of flamenco for their audiences.

Dr. Silviu Ciulei, University of Florida

Silviu Ciulei is currently Director of Guitar Studies at the University of Florida. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Middle Tennessee State University and a Master of Music and Doctorate in Music Performance from Florida State University. Classical and flamenco guitarist Silviu Ciulei was born in Constanta, Romania. He began his musical studies at the National Conservatory at age six. Ciulei has been a top prizewinner in some of the world’s most prestigious competitions including Guitar Foundation of America’s International Concert Artist Competition, Schadt String Competition, and Parkening International Guitar Competition. Acoustic Guitar Magazine hails ‘...guitarist Silviu Ciulei brings extraordinary touch to both classical and flamenco repertoire.’ Ciulei is fluent in five languages and is also a flamenco singer with his touring group, the Maharajah Flamenco Trio.




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